An exploration of themes that relate to the history of childless and childfree women: from the ways feelings about infertility, childlessness, or childfreedom have been conveyed, to the ways that women without children have been portrayed, and the motivations behind the choice not to have children.

Expressions of Childlessness

An exploration of (in)voluntary childlessness in literature and the arts, as expressed by women themselves

Art Gallery: Portraits of Women Without Children

From self-portraits to critical depictions, this virtual gallery highlights the contrasting ways in which society views women without children compared to the way they view themselves

The Benefits of Spinsterhood and Celibacy in Avoiding Motherhood

Disproving the notion that all women aspire to marriage and motherhood by underlining single life or celibacy as a deliberate choice

Contemporary Visions

An overview of the various ways in which modern-day artists, musicians, and writers, have approached being childless or childfree

Birthstrike: Childlessness as a Political Movement

Refusing to procreate due to the devastating consequences of over-population on the environment and other reasons why people have chosen to participate in the birthstrike movement, as a last recourse to implement societal change